Sumaya's Foods

Home Made Happiness

Naan Bread Re-Sellers:

Home of the Boomerang, the only competitor to the Gatsby!
Manufacturer of Home made Naan Bread.

  • Wembley Meat Market

    Wembley Meat Market (Belgravia)

  • Elite Power Trade

    Elite Power Trade (Athlone Industria)

  • Shoukuts Meat Market

    Shoukuts Meat Market (Crawford)

  • Breys Meat Market

    Breys Meat Market (Crawford)

  • Fairfield Meats

    Fairfield Meats (Parow)

  • Goodhope Meat Hyper

    Goodhope Meat Hyper (Salt River)

  • Frozen Delicates

    Frozen Delicates (Gatesville)

  • Ndulge Meat Hyper

    Ndulge Meat Hyper (Ottery)

  • Spice it Up

    Spice it Up (Goodwood)

  • Pickers Meat

    Pickers Meat - Grassy Park

  • Mitchels Moslem Butchery

    Mitchels Moslem Butchery - Mitchels Plain

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