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Home of the Boomerang, the only competitor to the Gatsby! Manufacturer of Home made Naan Bread.

Oriental Menus
• Chicken fried Rice R59
• Beef Fried Rice R65
• Prawns fried Rice R89
• Chicken Chowmein (with egg noodles) R69
Pasta Menus
• Sumaya's Mac & Cheese with Crumbed and Seasoned
Leg & thigh R75
• Sumaya's Butter Chicken Pasta R69
• Kashmiri Chicken Pasta R69
• Creamy chicken Alfredo Pasta R65
• Creamy Steak Alfredo Pasta R75
Curry Menus
• Chops Chutney with Rice or Roti R70
•Kebab Chutney with potato & 2 x Freshly made Rotis from R65
•Chicken Kalya with Sumaya's Garlic Butter Naan bread R75
• Kadhi Kitchrie with Jeera Aloo & Pumkin R69
Friday Rice Dishes
• Lamb Akhnie with Dhaiy
(Buttermilk) R75
• Lamb Dhal Gos with Rice R70
Salomies / Roti Rolls
• Mince & Potato Salomies R55
• Butter Beans Salomies R44
• Mix Veg & Potato Salomies R49
Sunday Meals
• 1kg Lamb Biryani R89
• Lamb Rogan Josh R80
• Butter Chicken R69
Durban style
Bunny Chows
• 1/4 Durban style Lamb
Bunny Chow R79
• 1/2 Durban Style Lamb
Bunny Chow R125
• 1/4 Durban Style Chicken
Bunny Chow R69
Curry of the Day
• Durban style Chicken Kalya with veggies and Sumaya's Naan breadR75
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